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Step 1: Make it into the oral part of the business competition. Check! 

FileNerds has officially been accepted in both the general competition which competes for a $25,000 first prize as well as being able to compete for the innovation award for $50,000, which goes to people that are actually looking at starting their business.  

The feeling of getting the “Congratulations” email was incredible.  It is just amazing that we get to compete on a state level for something that we truely believe in.  There aren’t many organizations that give companies, that are outside the oil industry in Oklahoma, even a chance to thrive so there are big thanks to everyone at I2E.

By the March 30th deadline we will be submitting 12 additional copies of our business plan along with our presentation.  There were some great comments that the judges left us on our original plan, so it looks like we have our work cut our for us this week.  Wish us luck and we will be sure to keep you updated!