Just a little about what we are trying to do:

What is FileNerds?

-FileNerds is a concept that is currently being developed by 3 college students at Oklahoma City University.  We have no start-up funds, no big investors, we are just out of the box.

Why do you have a blog if you don’t really have anything going on yet?

-We have quite a bit going on actually.  We have currently submitted our concept for the i2e business plan competition (www.i2e.org).  There are currently 35 teams who submitted an intent to compete forms, and we will find out on the 18th if we got invited into the oral part of the competition; cross your fingers!

This is our first attempt at showing the rest of the world what our concept is and we are hoping (like all small companies) that it goes over well.  I have personally been developing the concept for over 3 years now and have just recently brought in two other people to help develop the concept further.  

What is your basic concept?

-FileNerds will be a shareware website for students and will allow students upload content as they please. 

Why don’t you have a website yet?

-If only money grew on trees.  I am currently trying to learn the basics of php and mysql but it is a much larger task than I had previously anticipated, but hopefully we will have are website up soon.  

Why should I read this blog?

-This blog is intended to share the real experiences of a small start-up company with the rest of the world.  To let people see what it is really like to start from nothing and build from the ground up on a day by day (or week by week if we get lazy) basis.  

Who writes your blog?

-My name is Andrew Stanley and I am a business student at Oklahoma City University.

Who is your target reader?

-We at FileNerds hope that by sharing our experiences with people that it will help some small start-up company in the future who is trying to get their big break.  Someone who has no idea what is going to happen in the future, but knows that they have an idea that could change the world.

We have big hopes for this blog and company, and we hope that you will join in sharing these experiences with us.