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FileNerds, unfortunately did not make it past the semi-finals of the business plan competition.  The three of has honestly thought that we would have made it to at least the finals; a pretty big sucker-punch to our egos.  

What was really upsetting about the whole ordeal was that it is very apparent that the people that live and invest in Oklahoma really do not know how to think outside of the box.  The only teams that moved on to the final round of competition were the people that had plans revolving around oil or medicine.  Oklahoma has so much potential because it is right in the middle of the United States, land is cheap, and the weather isn’t too brutal (depending on who you ask).  

What is going to happen to Oklahoma when people move away from using oil, and what is going to happen when Obama decides to nationalize health care?  The already wealthy oil tycoons will stay rich and the retired doctors will continue to play golf in exotic places, but it is inevitable that the doctors will not make nearly as much money as they are right now in order for things to really change.  

I am getting away from my point, which is that we want FileNerds to grow and succeed in Oklahoma.  We don’t want to have to take our idea to other places.  We shouldn’t have to run to the east or west coast to find funding for this type of project.  We want to be apart of the sustainable growth for Oklahoma and prove that there is much more to this state than oil and football.  

The outcome of the competition is a minor setback for us, but we will find other ways to get our business of the ground and join the minority of web based start up companies from Oklahoma.

Step 1: Make it into the oral part of the business competition. Check! 

FileNerds has officially been accepted in both the general competition which competes for a $25,000 first prize as well as being able to compete for the innovation award for $50,000, which goes to people that are actually looking at starting their business.  

The feeling of getting the “Congratulations” email was incredible.  It is just amazing that we get to compete on a state level for something that we truely believe in.  There aren’t many organizations that give companies, that are outside the oil industry in Oklahoma, even a chance to thrive so there are big thanks to everyone at I2E.

By the March 30th deadline we will be submitting 12 additional copies of our business plan along with our presentation.  There were some great comments that the judges left us on our original plan, so it looks like we have our work cut our for us this week.  Wish us luck and we will be sure to keep you updated!

Not too much going on this week at FileNerds.  We are still waiting on the results of the I2E Competition.  We were searching around the new and came across some great advice about marketing your start-up.  Check it out you might learn a thing or two, we sure did.

Getting Media Ready

It is a little disappointing that when you Google “Support System” the first link to show up is about life support. What about having a support system for you as a person or a business? Who do you go to when you need a pick-me-up? Who are the people closest to you that you know you can count on for anything? 

When starting a business I have found that there is nothing that is more important than surrounding yourself by people who are always telling you, “I know you can do it!” For FileNerds, there have been many times where we have just wanted to give up and quit because everything seems like it is all just falling apart. We have wanted to just quit and we haven’t even gotten off the ground yet. Our families and friends have gotten us through such difficult times and we value their compassion greatly.

Here are just a few things that we have discovered you should do when trying to create that perfect support system.

Surround yourself with people who truly believe in your cause.
– There will be many people who will say that you can do great things, but there will be many more that will tell you that your idea is garbage and will never work. You are going to need the positive thinkers around you when you need a quick pick-me-up.

There are benefits to starting a business with your friends.
– Now you can say, “You aren’t supposed to start a business with your friends!” but honestly friendship makes talking about business much more causal. There is no stiffness in the room because you have to be cordial, you just lay it all out on the table, and having a business can actually help your friendships grow.

Professors and faculty can prove to be great resources when starting a business.
– Many teachers actually have real world experience and it would be such a waste to just dismiss these great resources.. Professors can be incredibly supportive and have no problem in discussing what issues you might face along the road. Also, they can be great in linking you with the people that you need to talk to in order to get ahead.

Be positive and create your own domino effect.
– By keeping positive other people will be more inclined to stay positive too, because nobody wants to be around people who are negative all the time. If you need to be a debbie-downer (because it does happen to the best of us), talk with someone who is not involved in your business at all, someone who would not be affected by the negativity.

These are just a few things that you can do to keep the positive and create your own support system. We would like to keep this list ongoing so if you have any suggestions please leave a comment.

I found an article originally posted by and I thought that I would share it with the rest of the world because this is something that everyone should read.  It is a little light coming out of the darkness and a little light can most definitly not be taken for granted, especially in these current economic times. 

Here is the article. 

But a lot of [people] realize that everybody’s in the same boat and that their boat doesn’t rise because someone else’s sinks.

Just a little about what we are trying to do:

What is FileNerds?

-FileNerds is a concept that is currently being developed by 3 college students at Oklahoma City University.  We have no start-up funds, no big investors, we are just out of the box.

Why do you have a blog if you don’t really have anything going on yet?

-We have quite a bit going on actually.  We have currently submitted our concept for the i2e business plan competition (  There are currently 35 teams who submitted an intent to compete forms, and we will find out on the 18th if we got invited into the oral part of the competition; cross your fingers!

This is our first attempt at showing the rest of the world what our concept is and we are hoping (like all small companies) that it goes over well.  I have personally been developing the concept for over 3 years now and have just recently brought in two other people to help develop the concept further.  

What is your basic concept?

-FileNerds will be a shareware website for students and will allow students upload content as they please. 

Why don’t you have a website yet?

-If only money grew on trees.  I am currently trying to learn the basics of php and mysql but it is a much larger task than I had previously anticipated, but hopefully we will have are website up soon.  

Why should I read this blog?

-This blog is intended to share the real experiences of a small start-up company with the rest of the world.  To let people see what it is really like to start from nothing and build from the ground up on a day by day (or week by week if we get lazy) basis.  

Who writes your blog?

-My name is Andrew Stanley and I am a business student at Oklahoma City University.

Who is your target reader?

-We at FileNerds hope that by sharing our experiences with people that it will help some small start-up company in the future who is trying to get their big break.  Someone who has no idea what is going to happen in the future, but knows that they have an idea that could change the world.

We have big hopes for this blog and company, and we hope that you will join in sharing these experiences with us.